Vintage Cameras

My wife went to the Art Institute of Colorado and earned a degree for photography a few years ago. After graduating, she decided that photography wasn’t something she wanted to do professionally (hard to make a living and she didn’t want to be a wedding photographer), but she still has a passion for it and has lots of equipment laying around. I’m not a photographer either, but I built the shelf that holds all of these cool cameras!

These aren’t all of the cameras we have in the house, but these are the ones my wife chose to put on the shelves. Also, the Diana is a replica. I bought it for my wife for her birthday.

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About This Project


My goal is to publish at least one photo per day for a year. I’m not a photographer. I just like to take pictures. I’ll probably take more than one photo every day and I might do this project for longer than a year. Who knows.

My primary camera is an iPhone 5 because I have it on me all the time. It has a great camera, but it’s limited in being able to take photos from long distances, so most of my shots will be close ups.

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